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The Compass Trade Exchange is a barter system for business and individual accounts. Trade virtually any product, service or talent you possess for anything else that you need without using money. Our business accounts are listed in the Directory, individual accounts list their inventories in the Compass Trade Classifieds.

You can buy almost anything on our web site without using money. We are a cash-less barter or trade system for business or personal gain.


Compass also offers Business Directories, Classifieds and Online Auction services to sell older equipment or unsold inventory for Compass Dollars!

Compass America & the Compass Trade Exchange reserve the right to refuse to list or offer any product or service we feel is inappropriate for a family environment.

Constructing a dollar sign
Barter can help build wealth
Money tree
Because money doesn't grow on trees

Join us No matter what you have to offer, the Compass Trade Exchange is an established, reputable marketplace that offers you more possibilities. Trade what you have to get what you want. Bring in business and revenue that you otherwise wouldn't Bartering DOES result in additional sales, hence added profit! Barter enables a firm to conserve its cash, resulting in better liquidity and a saving equal to the going cost of money! We can enhance the quality of your life without using money.