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The Need
Independant Christian Artists and Authors need distribution and marketing to help sell their products. Unless a significant source of financial backing is available, an individual author, artist or group cannot afford an effective marketing campaign.

The retail stores cannot afford to have merchandise sitting on a shelf.
The Solution

G7 Promotions has established a plan for meeting the need for marketing and distribution for independant Christian books and music. We have established G7 Distribution.

G7 Distribution has created a partnership with Family Christian Stores to distribute independant Christian books and music in all 13 of their Metro Atlanta stores.


How it works

Each artist, group or author contributes $100.00 per month to the marketing and distribution costs. By combining the resources of many, we are able to buy ongoing advertising, and provide the necessary marketing for informing the public of the independant Christian market. G7 buys ads in Christian Magazines. We are also building relationships with local Christian media outlets such as radio, TV and Newspapers.
Family Christian Stores will receive 40% of gross retail price, G7 will receive 10% for CD's and EP's.
We do not collect a fee on books sold due to the high cost of printing books.