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15+ years and 400+ events of experience to make your event the best it can be!

My staff and I have been involved in some of the biggest Christian events in Metro Atlanta. We have the experience and the resources to manage any size event, no matter how large or small.


Past events

Dec 31, 2001: A New Year For Jesus 2, SONICFLOOd, Shaun Groves, Waterproof Feat and the C3 Praise Team.
Oct 6, 2001: A Tribute to Local Fire and Rescue Workers, Nicole C. Mullen, Waterproof Feat and Brothers-n-Christ
Jun 28-Jul 1,  2001: HopeFest 2001, The Issacs, Brothers-n-Christ, Heirs of Promise, Dr. John Perkins, Dr. Jorge Valdez, Crawford Loritz.
Jun 20-Jun 23, 2001: AtlantaFest, Assist WorldHelp and Children of the World.
Mar 2, 2001: Disciple Now, SONICFLOOd
Feb 11, 2001: B.A.D. 2001, Battle of the Bands youth outreach

G7 Promotions